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"This little book — it's less than 200 pages — is set mostly in the outback. It's a story that will resonate with people of all cultures. Written in an easy–to–read, witty style, Dry Crossing is an Australian gem.”

- The Senior.

Russell Guy is an Australian writer. DRY CROSSING, a novel about the trials of an Outback Aboriginal dance band was published by Boolarong Press, Brisbane in 2015. Other published books include, WHAT’S RANGOON TO YOU IS GRAFTON TO ME (a cult radio play and short story collection. Imprint. 1991) and BAPTISED AMONG CROCODILES: A History of the Daintree Aboriginal Mission 1940-1962. [First published 2000. Boolarong Press. 2015].

Russell has published poetry, short stories and articles. He has written stage, radio, screenplays, journalism and produced award-winning recordings. He was a breakfast DJ on ABC radio 2JJ Sydney in 1976/1977 and a broadcaster on Triple J FM until 1987.

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